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Foam generator is a construction machinery equipment that can make a certain concentration of cement foaming agent into a foam. Cement foaming agent itself cannot automatically become foam, it must pass the mechanical action of the foaming machine to become foam. The foam generator and the cement foaming agent are a technical system that cooperates with each other and cannot function alone.

Application of Foam Concrete Machine

Home improvement floor heating construction, small and medium-sized roof insulation construction, floor heating mortar filling construction, prefabricated insulation board and core material processing,

Fire door core board prefabrication processing, refractory material prefabrication processing, wall filling foam concrete processing, foam concrete insulation engineering,lightweight wallboard prefabrication processing, mine, road and bridge backfill project construction.

Luoyang Trunnano Tech Co., Ltd is professional in lightweight concrete and foam concrete solutions. We can supply concrete foaming agent, superplasticizer, aerogel and foam concrete strength enhancer for lightweight concrete mix, CLC blocks all over the world. Send us an email or click on the needed products to send an inquiry.

Payment Term

L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Credit Card etc.

Shipment Term

By sea, by air, by express, as customers request.

Storage conditions

1) Store in a dry environment at room temperature.

2) Avoid damp and high temperature.

3) Use immediately after opening the inner packing bag.


  • Portable Foam Generator for Lightweight Concrete CLC Blocks
    Foam generator can be used in laboratories, small-scale foam concrete cast-in-situ projects, and pilot lines of foam concrete products. Foam generator is the core equipment of foam concrete products, which has a significant impact on the quality of foam concrete.
  • Foam Concrete Machine Foam Concrete Mixer Concrete Pump Machine
    TR-FGM01 is a small foam concrete integrated machine developed by our company, which has little, lightweight and easy movement. The foam concrete integrated machine is mainly composed of a foaming machine, a mixer and a pumping machine.
  • High Expansion Foam Generator CLC Foaming Machine
    Foam generator TR75 is a high-pressure foam preparation machine, suitable for factory production. The operation is simple, fast and durable.
  • Foam Generator for CLC Concrete Foam Generator
    Foam generator, also known as foaming machine, is a kind of foam equipment that makes foaming agent reach a certain concentration of aqueous solution. Foaming agent itself cannot automatically become a foam, it must pass through the mechanical action of the foaming machine to become foam.
  • Foam Generator for Cellular Concrete
    Foam generator TR30 is a small cement foaming machine. It is a kind of special equipment specially used for producing foam in small factories. It is easy to operate and suitable for small factories, universities, colleges, scientific research institutes and medium-sized construction.
  • CLC Blocks Foam Generator
    Foam generator TR130 is a high-pressure foam preparation machine, suitable for factory production. The operation is simple, fast and durable. The maximum power consumption of this machine is about 13kw, and the maximum bubble making capacity is about 0.55m3/min.
  • TR-10 Lightweight Concrete Machine
    TR-10 lightweight concrete machine is a portable lightweight concrete equipment developed by our company based on market demand and combined with years of experience in the research and development of foam concrete cast-in-place equipment. It will load, mix, foam, and Pumping and other functions are separated independently, which is convenient for users to transport.
  • TR-20 Foam Concrete Machine
    Foam Concrete Machine is the core equipment of foam concrete production, which has a significant impact on the quality of foam concrete. An excellent foam generator for concrete not only has a high foam output but more importantly, the quality of the foam produced is outstanding.
  • TR-40 Foam Concrete Machine
    Large-scale foam concrete backfilling projects such as highway roads and bridges, backfills of bridge abutments, replacement and heightening above tunnels, large-scale coal mine filling, and road widening soft foundation backfilling.
  • Automatic Foaming Concrete Intelligent Equipment for Cast-in-place Concrete
    Automatic foaming concrete intelligent equipment for cast-in-place concrete is developed for the emerging technology of cast-in-situ wall with light steel keel. Its performance is reliable, economical and practical, and it is a high-performance multi-purpose model. It can be used not only for floor heating and flat roof construction, but also for inclined roofing, spraying, and grouting wall construction. It has a high degree of automation and precise and strict control of the uniformity of its slurry to ensure uniform walls.
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