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TR-10 Lightweight Concrete Machine
  • TR-10 Lightweight Concrete Machine

TR-10 Lightweight Concrete Machine

Maximum foam concrete output(m3/h):6-8
Vertical conveying distance(m):20
Foaming power(KW):3
Feeder power(KW):3
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TR-10 Lightweight Concrete Machine introduce:

Product description of TR-10 lightweight concrete machine

TR-10 lightweight concrete machine is a portable lightweight concrete equipment developed by our company based on market demand and combined with years of experience in the research and development of foam concrete cast-in-place equipment. It will load, mix, foam, and Pumping and other functions are separated independently, which is convenient for users to transport.

Product performance of TR-10 lightweight concrete machine

1. The shell is made of high-strength precision thickened steel plate, painted twice, which is durable.

2. The slurry output is uniform and stable, the density of the foam concrete finished product is uniform, and the quality is stable.

3. This equipment is suitable for small and medium-sized projects and is small in size and convenient for transportation.

Parameters of TR-10 lightweight concrete machine



Maximum foam concrete output(m3/h)


Vertical conveying distance(m)


Stirring power(KW)


Main pump power(KW)


Foaming power(KW)


Feeder power(KW)


Application of TR-10 TR-10 lightweight concrete machine

1. Home improvement floor heating construction;

2.restroom backfill;

3.Small area roof insulation construction;

4. Prefabricated thermal insulation blocks and board core processing;

5. Prefabrication of fire door core;

6. Prefabrication of refractory materials;

7. wall filling foam concrete processing;

8. Foam concrete insulation sporadic projects;

9. Small crafts injection moulding.

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