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Foam Generator for CLC Concrete Foam Generator
  • Foam Generator for CLC Concrete Foam Generator

Foam Generator for CLC Concrete Foam Generator

Maximum foam output(m3/h):8 Motor voltage(V):220V
Work rate(W):1500
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Foam Generator for CLC Concrete Foam Generator introduce:

Description of TR15 foam generator

Foam generator, also known as foaming machine, is a kind of foam equipment that makes foaming agent reach a certain concentration of aqueous solution. Foaming agent itself cannot automatically become a foam, it must pass through the mechanical action of the foaming machine to become foam.

TR15 foam generator is specially produced for the use of new products developed and tested by scientific research institutions such as universities, research institutes and other scientific research institutions. It is also suitable for small-scale on-site construction projects of decoration companies, such as bathroom backfilling and ground cushioning projects. TR15 foam generator can also be used for small-scale factory production use.

Parameters of TR15 foam generator



Maximum foam outputm3/h


Motor voltageV


Work rateW




Pump suctionm







Production technology of foam concrete

1. Feeding and mixing: Add a certain amount of cement, sand and concrete admixtures into the mixer through the feeding system;

2. Stirring: Add a certain amount of water to the mixer and stir for 2 minutes; add the foam to the mixer and stir evenly;

3. Injection molding: the slurry is then injected into the mold;

4. Initial curing: After the injection molding is completed, let it stand for several hours for initial curing;

5. Demoulding: After the initial setting of the foamed concrete is completed and the initial strength is available, the demoulding can be achieved;

6. Cutting: The foam concrete with a certain strength can be cut after demoulding, and the cutting specifications can be adjusted according to the needs of the cutting blade;

7. Finished product curing: The curing age of foamed cement insulation board should not be less than 7 days.

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