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  • Lightweight concrete is often used in many engineering buildings, and lightweight concrete refers to concrete made with light coarse and fine aggregates and cement. Lightweight concrete is a general term for concrete with a bulk density not greater than 1950kg/m3.……
    Feb 07
  • Autoclaved aerated concrete block is made of fly ash, lime, cement, gypsum, slag, etc. as the main raw materials, adding appropriate amount of gas generating agent, regulator, bubble stabilizer, mixing, pouring, static stop, cutting and high pressure. A porous concrete product ma...……
    Feb 06
  • Foam concrete, light-weight foamed light-weight soil, and cement foaming equipment are manufactured and produced, which have the effect of heat preservation. Foamed concrete is a lightweight, heat-insulating, heat-insulating, fire-resistant, sound-insulating and frost-resistant c...……
    Feb 05
  • At present, wall materials in some developed countries are developing in the direction of lightweight, large-scale, energy-saving, and waste-oriented. The total production of new wall materials has reached 90%. The light composite wallboard in the United States accounts for 41.9%...……
    Feb 04
  • The foam stability of cellular concrete foaming agent refers to the performance that the foam can exist for a long time without bursting. The longer the bubble exists, the better the stability and the less likely to burst.……
    Feb 02
  • Regardless of the foam generator, the basic principle of foaming is to introduce air into the foaming agent solution. The various types of changes are different in the way of introducing gas, so the effect is also different.……
    Feb 01
  • Polystyrene particle foamed concrete refers to adding polystyrene particles to ordinary foamed concrete to disperse the polystyrene particles in the foamed concrete slurry.……
    Jan 28
  • Lightweight cement foamed partition wall panels are made of industrial and agricultural solid wastes. Cement has the lowest thermal conductivity. The cement insulation core material also compensates for the flammability, permeability, toxicity and short life of traditional materi...……
    Jan 27
  • Foamed concrete is also called foamed concrete, foamed cement, etc. It uses a physical method to prepare a foaming agent into a foam, then adds the foam to a slurry made of cement, aggregates, admixtures, admixtures and water, and mixes, stirs, casts, and cures.……
    Jan 26
  • Foaming Agent for Foam Concrete has an extremely critical impact on the quality of foamed concrete. High-quality Foaming Agent can make high-quality foamed concrete. The performance of Foaming Agent for Foam Concrete is not only related to the stabilization time and uniformity of...……
    Jan 25
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