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CLC Blocks Foam Generator
  • CLC Blocks Foam Generator

CLC Blocks Foam Generator

Foam output(m3/h):35
Motor voltage(V):380
Work rate(W):13000
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CLC Blocks Foam Generator introduce:

Performance parameters of Foam generator TR130

Foam generator TR130 is a high-pressure foam preparation machine, suitable for factory production. The operation is simple, fast and durable. The maximum power consumption of this machine is about 13kw, and the maximum bubble making capacity is about 0.55m3/min.

Power requirements: This product is a three-phase 380V power supply mode. When wiring, be sure to connect to the power supply as required. Three-phase voltage 380V/50Hz.

Control function: press the green start button to start running, press the red stop button, the device stops running, the operation interface is simple and convenient, and easy to operate.


Usage and installation method of Foam generator TR130

Power connection: This equipment uses a three-phase 380V power supply. After all the lines are connected, click the start button, and then immediately click the stop button to check the direction of rotation. Make sure that the direction of rotation of the motor is correct. If the direction of rotation of the motor is incorrect, The two live wires need to be exchanged arbitrarily, and don't connect them wrongly.

Note: The panel voltmeter will display after the wiring is completed and the power is turned on. When the display voltage is normal at 380V, the air switch can be closed at this time, and the device enters the operational state.


Pipeline connection: Please connect the water pipe and foaming agent straw to the corresponding interface at the front of the device. use

Wrap the tape around the joint to prevent air leakage. If air leakage occurs, the foaming agent cannot be pumped or

Insufficient flow affects the efficiency of bubble making.

Bubble tube: The bubble tube is external and detachable. The front end of the bubble tube is detachable to replace the steel ball filled in the tube. The operation is simple, convenient and quick when disassembling.


Parameters of TR130 foam generator



Foam outputm3/h)


Motor voltage(V)


Work rate(W)


Pump suction(m)






Usually need to be disassembled

1. After working for a long time, it is found that the foam shape is not good, usually more than three months.

2. Pipe blockage: Some foaming agent remaining in the bubble tube will form a solid residue. In this case, the foam cannot be produced normally, or the pipeline pressure increases sharply. At this time, all the old steel balls need to be taken out, and then replaced with a new one The ball is fine. Steel wire ball specification requirements: each blowing tube needs to be filled with about 12-15 steel wire balls. Too much or too little will affect or even destroy the foam performance.


Precautions of Foam generator TR130

1. Remember to use electricity safely. If water or foam touches the circuit, you must immediately cut off the power at the remote end to ensure safe production.

2. There will be air in the pipeline when it is used for the first time. The foaming liquid has not been pumped into the equipment in a short time. You can wait for tens of seconds until the liquid is filled with the entire suction tube and the foaming operation can be performed normally.

3. Do not start the equipment when the pipeline is blocked to prevent damage to the components due to overpressure in the pipeline.

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