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Waterproofing Agent for Plaster
  • Waterproofing Agent for Plaster

Waterproofing Agent for Plaster

Hydrogen content:>1.58%
Viscosity,25℃,mm2/s :20-30
Flash point:>120℃
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Waterproofing Agent for Plaster introduce:

Description of waterproofing agent for plaster

Waterproofing agent for plaster TR-83 is a silicone emulsion waterproofing agent synthesized by a special process with a high-efficiency emulsifier. This waterproofing agent has the characteristics of strong permeability, good waterproof performance, convenient construction and environmental protection. And it is easy to use and environmentally friendly. TR-83 can effectively protect concrete, calcium silicate board and other substrates, greatly improving the overall life of construction projects.


Technical parameter of waterproofing agent for plaster


Colorless, odorless, transparent oily liquid                   

Hydrogen content






Flash point






Main features of waterproofing agent for plaster

(1) It can effectively penetrate into the base material for durable and firm protection;

(2) It can be used as a concrete additive, which can effectively improve the ratio of compressive strength to water permeability after 28 days;

(3) Low volatility, simple and convenient to use, and will not pollute the environment.

Scope of application of waterproofing agent for plaster

Various gypsum products such as desulfurized gypsum, natural gypsum, phosphogypsum, gypsum board, gypsum block, gypsum statue, gypsum crafts, ceiling gypsum board, etc.


Instructions of waterproofing agent for plaster

(1) Add 0.5%-1% of the weight of gypsum powder;

(2) Mix it with water according to the amount determined in the previous step and add it directly to the equipment and mix with gypsum powder to form;

(3) The gypsum products can be tested for waterproofing after they are completely dried naturally (usually soaked for two hours and then taken out for testing); if you need to dry, please leave it for 24 hours before drying to avoid excessive temperature during the drying process causing waterproof As the water evaporates, the waterproof effect is lost.

Packaging and storage of waterproofing agent for plaster

(1) 200kg plastic drum or customized according to customer requirements.

(2) Store at 5-30°C, avoid contact with strong acids and alkalis.

(3) The shelf life is 12 months.


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