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Q: What is Cellular Concrete?

A: Cellular Concrete is generally defined as a lightweight cementitious material that contains stable air or gas cells uniformly distributed throughout the mixture at a volume greater than 20%. The cementitious materials encapsulate the air bubbles, then dissipate leaving a void structure as a replacement to traditional aggregate.

Q: What are the advantages of pre-formed foam?

A: The pre-formed foam process offers excellent quality control and assurance of specified density. Preformed foam, unlike gas-forming chemicals, assures a consistent three-dimensional distribution of the engineered air cell system. Pre-formed foam produces a consistent matrix of relatively small air cells which are more desirable than a disorganized matrix of different size bubbles often created with the gas off method of reactive admixtures.

Q: Is cellular concrete compatible with common admixtures?

A: Cellular concrete is compatible with common concrete construction admixtures; however, most common admixtures are added to traditional concrete to effect a change in the characteristics of the concrete that are not applicable to cellular concrete application performance. As an example, cellular concrete needs no air entrainment or finishing aids; however, color admixtures and strength enhancing admixtures work well if they are applicable to the project.

Q: What additives are common to cellular concrete?

A: Fiber reinforcement Heat-of-hydration reducers (iced water or chemicals) Compressive strength enhancers Coloring pigments or color enhancing admixtures

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