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About is mainly engaged in nano-building energy conservation and nanotechnology development and industrial applications, with professional green energy and R & D and application experience of the world's advanced materials. As a leading technology developer and application manufacturer of nanomaterials, Cie-china Technology has maintained its leading position in technology and market development. Today, They provide solutions that span the various processes and links in the lab and industry. Cie-china's unified team, perfect service network, and perfect solutions help users in various industries to increase efficiency and create value, and easily respond to various challenges.

With over 20 years’ experience in the Industry, Cie-china pride themselves on their latest development which is the self-foaming cement and mortar developed by them after so many years of scientific research and production. Self-foaming cement can meet the needs of mass foam concrete/gypsum and it is suitable for ordinary foam concrete cast-in-place, block, plate, heat-insulating wall body and ordinary Portland cement as gelling agent. This product can replace physical foaming and chemical foaming, and the operation is simple and convenient., the leading technology developer and application manufacturer of nanomaterials, proudly announces their latest discovery which is centred towards the new ways for foaming cement , self-foaming cement; a popular cement admixture developed by the company. It is suitable for Portland cement conventional foam concrete cast-in-place, block, sheet, and thermal insulation wall.

“We are professionals in lightweight concrete and foam concrete solutions. We can supply concrete foaming agent, superplasticizer, aerogel and foam concrete strength enhancer for lightweight concrete mix, CLC blocks all over the world.” Says Emma Du.

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