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Foam Concrete Machine Foam Concrete Mixer Concrete Pump Machine
  • Foam Concrete Machine Foam Concrete Mixer Concrete Pump Machine

Foam Concrete Machine Foam Concrete Mixer Concrete Pump Machine

Maximum foam output(m3/h):6
Motor voltage(V):220
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Foam Concrete Machine Foam Concrete Mixer Concrete Pump Machine introduce:

Description of foam concrete integrated machine

TR-FGM01 is a small foam concrete integrated machine developed by our company, which has little, lightweight and easy movement. The foam concrete integrated machine is mainly composed of a foaming machine, a mixer and a pumping machine. This product can be used to construct foam concrete, such as toilet backfilling, ground leveling, partition wall pouring, and small tooling.


Outstanding advantages of foam concrete integrated machine

(1) Lightweight, lighter than complete sets of equipment with the same production capacity, especially suitable for mobile operations and handling;

(2) One machine has multiple functions, which can not only cast-in-place construction but also produce various products, with a broader range of uses;

(3) It is an all-rounder with complete functions, excellent performance, and the ability to create multiple foam concrete products.


The main purpose of foam concrete integrated machine

(1) Foam concrete experiment;

(2) Cast-in-situ foam concrete. Such as cast-in-place walls, cast-in-place floor heating insulation, cast-in-place roof insulation, various backfill layers, etc. Since each device is equipped with rubber wheels, it is convenient to move. Besides, this unit adopts a single split unit, and each equipment is portable and miniaturized, which is suitable for mobile construction on the site.

(3) Production of foam concrete products. This unit is fixed in the workshop and can produce various foam concrete products according to the different molds.

Parameters of foaming generator


Foam concrete CLC bricks production flow



Foam concrete production flow




Parameters of foaming generator

Maximum foam output(m3/h)6
Motor voltage(V)220
Work rate(W)610
Pump suction(m)1-3



Parameters of mixing barrel

Stirring methodSpiral stirring
Delivery methodPumping/Natural flow


Parameters of Pumping machine

Weight60 kg
Horizontal distance of pumping

60 m

Vertical distance of pumping20 m
Voltage220 V
Power1.5 kW
Stirring methodSpiral stirring
Delivery methodPumping
Work efficiency

5 m3/h

Dimension 35*40*70cm


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