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TR-40 Foam Concrete Machine
  • TR-40 Foam Concrete Machine

TR-40 Foam Concrete Machine

Foam concrete output(m3/h):30-40
Vertical conveying distance(m):100
Foaming power(KW):5.5
Feeder power(KW):4
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TR-40 Foam Concrete Machine introduce:

Product performance of TR-40 foam concrete machine

1. The shell is made of high-strength precision thickened steel plate, painted twice, which is durable.

2. The slurry output is uniform and stable, the density of the foam concrete finished product is uniform, and the quality is stable.

3. The remote control operation is simple and convenient, realizing one-key start and stop.

4. The new cylinder head design and the enlarged lower cylinder can effectively prevent the cement slurry from clogging. Upper cylinder ball seat

Independent processing makes disassembly and inspection more convenient.

5. A cleaning port is reserved for the cylinder head, which can be cleaned without disassembly and assembly.

6. The cylinder head has a built-in retaining rib, which makes the appearance more beautiful.

7. The use of advanced double-cylinder hydraulic propulsion overcomes the defect of internal leakage of the hydraulic cylinder: outlet pressure

High, in high-rise construction, it can still maintain a relatively high and stable transportation volume.

8. Adopt advanced electromagnetic overflow technology to make the motor in a no-pressure and no-load state when starting

In order to overcome the problem of low voltage at the construction site and unable to start.

12. The pumping system adopts 10-speed adjustable.

13. Long cylinder, long stroke, stable conveying and high efficiency.

Parameters of TR-40 foam concrete machine



Maximum foam output(m3/h)


Vertical conveying distance(m)


Stirring power(KW)


Main pump power(KW)


Foaming power(KW)


Feeder power(KW)



Application of TR-40 foam concrete machine

Large-scale foam concrete backfilling projects such as highway roads and bridges, backfills of bridge abutments, replacement and heightening above tunnels, large-scale coal mine filling, and road widening soft foundation backfilling.

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