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TR-20 Foam Concrete Machine
  • TR-20 Foam Concrete Machine

TR-20 Foam Concrete Machine

Maximum foam concrete output(m3/h):16-20
Vertical conveying distance(m):50
Foaming power(KW):3
Feeder power(KW):3
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TR-20 Foam Concrete Machine introduce:

Foam Concrete Machine is the core equipment of foam concrete production, which has a significant impact on the quality of foam concrete. An excellent foam generator for concrete not only has a high foam output but more importantly, the quality of the foam produced is outstanding.


Parameters of TR-20 foam concrete machine



Maximum foam output(m3/h)


Vertical conveying distance(m)


Stirring power(KW)


Main pump power(KW)


Foaming power(KW)


Feeder power(KW)



Product performance of TR-20 foam concrete machine

(1) of TR-20 foam concrete machine is composed of pumping system, foaming system, mixing system, feeding system, frame and electrical control cabinet.

(2) Both the foaming system and the pumping system adopt variable frequency speed regulation, and the ratio of each component is easy to control.

(3) The foaming agent is measured by a micro metering pump, which can accurately control the amount of foaming agent;

(4) The foaming system adopts high-pressure air foaming technology, the air compressor displacement reaches 0.6m³/min, the foaming is fast and the pressure is high;

(5) The power of the pumping system can reach 20m³ per hour, and the structure is fully sealed, with no mechanical seal, strong self-priming ability, self-cleaning and other characteristics, and the structure is simple and easy to maintain;

(6) The mixing system is equipped with a special dust-proof cover, which greatly reduces dust;

(7) The feeding system can choose belt conveyor and screw conveyor;

(8) The slurry output is uniform and stable, the density of the foam concrete finished product is uniform, and the quality is stable.

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