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  • Foam concrete is a type of concrete with a unique mix of inert components and synthetic aerated foam. It has excellent thermal insulation properties and is fire resistant. Besides, it has good strengt……
    Dec 23
  • Cellular concrete is a lightweight, flowable, high strength, fire resistant, thermally insulative and durable material. Cellular concrete is used in a variety of applications such as acoustical insula……
    Dec 22
  • The CLC (Cellular Light Weight Concrete) brick is an alternative for red clay bricks. It has many advantages over the traditional concrete bricks. It has a high thermal conductivity, a good sound insu……
    Dec 21
  • CLC blocks are a form of lightweight concrete. It has a high degree of thermal insulation and fire resistance. It also reduces the energy consumption in heating, cooling, and transportation. These are……
    Dec 20
  • A superplasticizer is a substance added to a product or material to increase its plasticity. It can reduce the water content and make the product softer. It can also increase the durability and streng……
    Dec 19
  • If you're looking to cool down a big crowd on a summer day, consider renting a foam machine. They are fun and easy to use and will keep your guests entertained. They can also help you save money on ra……
    Dec 17
  • PB-Lux foaming agent is a soft and biologically based foaming agent which is suitable for cellular lightweight concrete. It is also a very safe product which doesn't affect the environment. It is suit……
    Dec 16
  • Using foaming agent in concrete is a common method of producing a lightweight concrete. The density of this type of concrete varies from a few pounds per cubic foot to over ten thousand pounds per squ……
    Dec 15
  • Compared to traditional roof materials, foam concrete for roofing has many advantages. It is a lightweight, durable material. It also has an excellent insulation. This makes it an ideal choice for a n……
    Dec 14
  • Various research projects have been conducted to study the mechanical properties of foam concrete. They have characterized the microstructure of foam concrete and improved the properties of this mater……
    Dec 13

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