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2023-01-19 10:50:03  News

Lightweight concrete manufacturers are constantly striving to improve their products and to use new technology to improve their production process. This has helped to ensure the durability and strength of lightweight concrete.

The global lightweight concrete market is expected to grow at a significant rate in the coming years. It has become one of the most sought-after building materials. Several factors are responsible for this growth.

The lightweight concrete industry is divided into various segments. Each segment is studied on the basis of important factors such as revenue, market size, and consumption. These factors help to understand the overall market.

The market is further segmented into different types and applications. Lightweight concrete is used in constructing load-bearing walls and other structures. In addition, it is used to build sewer systems, traffic lanes, and interstates.

Lightweight concrete is composed of porous aggregates. Such aggregates can be volcanic pumice or shale. A porous material can improve its thermal conductivity, reduce its density, and increase its resistance to corrosion.

Autoclave treatment is an important feature of lightweight concrete. It is produced through a chemical foaming reaction of aluminium powder and hydrogen gas. During the manufacturing process, air bubbles are formed with a diameter of approximately one mm.

Lightweight concrete is also used in construction of high-rise buildings. A few examples of these buildings are the Bank of America Building in Charlotte, N.C., and the Ieder Zijn Huis in Jette, Belgium.

Compared to normal concrete, lightweight concrete has a lower specific weight, which means that it can be more economical for larger projects. Moreover, it is also more resistant to impact.

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