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Foam Agent For Lightweight Concrete

2023-07-10 02:25:02  News

foam agent for lightweight concrete is a highly concentrated liquid foaming agent for producing cellular lightweight concrete (CLC) blocks, briquettes, wall panels etc. This liquid is added to the CLC mix in the form of water and injected into a concrete mixer or foam generator with compressed air. It creates fine, durable air bubbles in the mix that are stable and resistant to physical and chemical processing.

The foaming agent used is important because it determines the density of the resulting CLC foam and its mechanical properties. The low density of CLC foam makes it possible to produce high-strength materials with a minimal amount of cement, making it a very useful construction material.

Different foaming agents have different characteristics. Some are based on surfactants, such as anionic or cationic polyether sulfates, which reduce the surface tension of liquids and help to disperse air. Other foaming agents are based on hydrolyzed proteins, such as keratin and other similar materials. The foaming agent used must be able to form stable, robust air bubbles in the slurry, which will be able to withstand the physical and chemical processes that occur during mixing, forming, placing, and hardening of the CLC foamed concrete.

The CLC foamed concrete is produced by combining cement, fly ash, sand, a synthetic aerated foaming agent and other additives like ground granulated blast furnace slag, silica fumes and quarry fines, resulting in a mixture with an extremely low dry density. The foamed concrete can be used in various applications as a substitute for traditional concrete for construction of roads, bridges and disaster rehabilitation buildings. It can also be used as an alternative to traditional concrete for building walls, flooring and paving.

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