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Gypsum Retarder DL-Tartaric Acid
  • Gypsum Retarder DL-Tartaric Acid

Gypsum Retarder DL-Tartaric Acid

Appearance:off-white slightly yellow powder
Density: 1.12g/cm3
Size: 200 mesh
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Gypsum Retarder DL-Tartaric Acid introduce:

What is gypsum retarder?

Gypsum retarder is a kind of retarder that can effectively delay the hydration reaction of gypsum, prolong the setting time of gypsum, make the fresh slurry maintain plasticity for a long time, facilitate pouring, improve construction efficiency, and improve the performance of gypsum-based cementing materials in the later period. Gypsum retarder that will not cause adverse effects.

Description of gypsum retarder

Appearance and shape: off-white slightly yellow powder

Density: 1.12g/cm3

Size: 200 mesh pass rate is greater than 95%; 150 mesh pass rate 100%

Stability: This product is compatible with hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, latex powder, polyvinyl alcohol, starch ether, etc., and does not affect the strength of the later gypsum or has very low impact.

The mechanism of retarder on hemihydrate gypsum

The setting time of hemihydrate gypsum after encountering water is generally 5-20min. The purpose of retarders is to delay the hydration of gypsum. The main mechanism is to slow down the dissolution rate of the hemihydrate gypsum phase. The coagulant, retarding effect is to adsorb on the surface of dihydrate gypsum particles, forming a protective colloid to hinder the hydration of hemihydrate gypsum.

Product Features of Gypsum Retarder

(1) Small addition amount

(2) More stable

(3) Better dispersion

(4) Stronger alkali resistance

Application field of gypsum retarder

This product is suitable for plaster products such as plastering plaster, bonding plaster, caulking plaster, plaster putty, and prefabricated plaster components.

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