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Foam Concrete Cost Per M3

2023-01-26 05:50:03  News

Foam concrete is a lightweight and durable building material that can be used in basements, floors, and in hollow block applications. It has high thermal insulation qualities and a compressive strength of 1000 kg/m3.

The cost per m3 of foam concrete is relatively low. However, it does require special equipment. This is because it is not the same as ordinary concrete.

Foam concrete is produced by mixing a slurry of cement with water and a small amount of foam. These ingredients are then pumped into molds or forms. They can then be poured into structural parts.

It is easy to work with. The resulting mixture hardens quickly. Moreover, it is waterproof. Also, it has higher acoustic absorption and fire resistance. Lastly, it can be air cured.

Foam concrete is also environmentally friendly. Since it is made with fly ash, it does not produce toxic substances. Additionally, it is less costly than autoclave aerated concrete.

Foam concrete has good load spreading properties. This means that you can use smaller plasters and a thinner mortar. It also helps prevent mildewing.

Moreover, it is easy to transport. Foam concrete buildings can withstand strong heat and cold, and they are humidity proof. This also allows you to avoid a loss of heat during the winter.

Foam concrete has the ability to withstand a grinding process and still stay strong. Foam concrete is able to withstand fire for five hours.

However, it is not as easy to cut. Cutting is done by using a special machine.

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