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Foam Concrete Cost Per M3

2023-07-10 09:55:03  News

Foam concrete is a versatile material that can be used for a variety of applications. It is easy to place and requires no compaction, making it a cost-effective solution for construction projects. Foam concrete can be poured or pumped and is available in different densities to suit your needs. It also has the added benefit of reducing noise pollution by up to 30%.

The foam concrete cost per m3 depends on the type of mix ordered, the additives and admixtures required, and the quantity needed. The density of the foam can also make a difference to the overall cost. For example, a lower density option will be cheaper than a higher density option.

It is possible to buy a foam concrete machine that is designed for wet production, which allows the base materials to be delivered in a truck and mixed with the foam on-site. It is an efficient method for small volumes of foam concrete, as it eliminates the need to transport a full truck.

For wet foam concrete production, a mixer is installed in the truck, and the base slurry and foam are mixed together as the mixer rotates. The foam is produced by introducing water and a foaming agent into the base slurry, which expands to fill a space in the mix. The result is a lightweight concrete with a high degree of insulation. The high workability of the foam concrete makes it easy to process and trim, as well as cut channels for electrical wiring, sockets and pipes. In addition, it has a low thermal conductivity and is fire resistant.

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