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Riteks EvoTek 7015 and Its Superplasticizer Cost

2023-07-10 06:10:02  News

Superplasticizers are chemical admixtures that can increase the workability of concrete or mortar mixtures by decreasing their viscosity. They are used for various applications such as accelerating or retarding the set of cement in a concrete mixture, improving its flow ability and reducing its water content by up to 30% without significantly affecting its strength. This is especially important in construction projects with strict specifications on a concrete's early and long-term compressive strengths.

In this article, Riteks EvoTek 7015 is described as a high range water reducing admixture that is used for various construction projects to make concrete more fluid and reduce air holes and voids in the hardened concrete. This enables faster and easier placement of the concrete, and saves labor costs due to less vibration.

It is also a powerful dispersant, which helps with better cement hydration and therefore leads to improved concrete's early and long-term strengths. The unique comb structure as the side chain in this polycarboxylate superplasticizer can both attract and repel the cement particles, which provides a strong dispersing action. It can be easily diluted in a concrete mixture to lower the water-cement ratio, and it is compatible with Portland Cement (powder and blended).

In this study, four different types of superplasticizers, including lignosulfonate, naphthalene, melamine, and polycarboxylate, were mixed with varying concentrations of binder in CPB slurry. Then, the slurry's consistency and strength were evaluated after different hydration times. The results show that the polycarboxylate superplasticizer is the best in terms of its ability to reduce the dosage of binder and maintain the CPB slurry's consistency and strength.

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