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Lightweight Foam Concrete

2023-05-02 18:40:02  News

lightweight foam concrete, also called aircrete or porous cellular concrete, is a lightweight construction material that is becoming increasingly popular for its thermal and acoustic insulation properties. This alternative concrete mix is often produced with a combination of Portland cement, limestone or pulverised fly ash in conjunction with a foaming agent, which creates stable air voids that are entrained into the slurry to reduce its weight.

The density of this type of concrete may be from 300 to 1600 kg/m3, depending on the amount of foam and other aggregates used in the mix. The voids created in the concrete by the foaming agent help to create a highly porous structure, which is the basis for the mechanical, thermal, acoustic and durability characteristics of this concrete.

It has high flowability, low self-weight, minimum consumption of aggregate, controlled low strength and excellent thermal insulation properties. It is a versatile material, which can be manufactured in many different forms.

Road sub-bases can be constructed from a foamed concrete mix to reduce the weight of the structure, and prevent settlement problems that can occur in soft ground. This can make the structure less expensive and less prone to deterioration.

Foamed concrete is also used to strengthen masonry arch bridges, by filling inside supports or encasing steel girders. This helps to keep the structure from settling and can be used to make bridges stronger in areas where the soil is too soft to support them.

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