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Concrete Foam Agent

2023-05-02 14:20:02  News

concrete foam agent is used to make foamed concretes of all types. It can be incorporated into all types of Portland cement and sand-cement mortar slurries to produce foamed concrete of every type and for every application.

Foaming agents are available in a wide variety of forms and materials and are generally marketed as commercially available additives for the production of foamed concrete. They can be purchased from a supplier or at construction sites, and are a small fraction of the cost of foamed concrete.

The strength of foamed concrete depends on the density, water content and air void size distribution [27,84]. Mixtures with narrower air void size distribution have higher compressive and flexural strengths than those with wide air voids.

Density varies with different foaming agents and gradation of aggregate [57]. Using silica fume or RCA in foam concrete prepared with FA increases the density of the mixture.

Workability is also affected by the composition of the foaming agent and the sand-cement paste mixture. Increasing the concentration of superplasticizers in the foamed concrete mixture improves workability.

A study comparing protein-based foaming agents and synthetic foaming agents with high foam concrete densities found that the pore structure of foamed concrete prepared with protein-based foaming agents was more compact than those produced with synthetic foaming agents. This was due to the fact that the pore walls of foam concrete containing protein-based foaming agents were thicker and less connected than those containing synthetic foaming agents.

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