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Melamine Superplasticizer Powder

Melamine Superplasticizer Powder

Appearance: white powder with fluidity
Bulk density: 400-700kg/m3
30min. Loss on drying at 105℃: ≤ 5%
20% solution pH value 20℃: 7-9
SO4²- content: 3~4%
Air content of concrete: ≤ 3%
CI- content: ≤ 0.05%
Concrete water reduction rate: ≥14%
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Melamine Superplasticizer Powder introduce:

Melamine superplasticizer has the characteristics of high water reduction rate, low oxygen ion content, no corrosion to steel bars, and excellent adaptability to various cements. Melamine superplasticizer through a special powder spraying and drying process, the powder particle structure has been improved, the powder fluidity is better, so when the product is used in powder building materials, the mixing effect is very ideal.

Parameter of Melamine Superplasticizer

Appearance: white powder with fluidity

Bulk density: 400-700kg/m3

30min. Loss on drying at 105℃: ≤ 5%

20% solution pH value 20℃: 7-9

SO4²- content: 3~4%

Air content of concrete: ≤ 3%

CI- content: ≤ 0.05%

Concrete water reduction rate: ≥14%

Features of Melamine Superplasticizer

(1) TR-SJ27 melamine superplasticizer is a melamine superplasticizer, white powder, easily soluble in water, and the water content is less than 4%.

(2) TR-SJ27 melamine superplasticizer has a water reduction rate of more than 20%, and has obvious early strength and strengthening effects, and has no retarding effect on concrete.

(3) TR-SJ27 melamine superplasticizer used in dry-mixed mortar can improve the hardness and smoothness of the floor surface without cracking, and the color is smooth and bright.

(4) TR-SJ27 melamine superplasticizer can improve the plastic viscosity of gypsum slurry, and at the same time can improve the surface cleanliness, durability, and abrasion resistance of gypsum products.

(5) TR-SJ27 melamine superplasticizer has strong adaptability to cement varieties and excellent adaptability to aluminate cement.

(6) TR-SJ27 melamine superplasticizer has low sodium sulfate content and chloride ion content, and does not produce precipitation at low temperatures, which is beneficial for winter construction.

Product Use of Melamine Superplasticizer

(1) Especially suitable for the preparation of dry concrete mortar, high-strength shrinkage grout, high-strength gypsum and gypsum products.

(2) Suitable for the preparation of commercial concrete, pumped concrete, high-strength and high-performance concrete, vibration-free self-compacting concrete, and high-strength mortar.

(3) Suitable for the preparation of refractory concrete, steam-cured concrete, fair-faced concrete, decorative concrete and colored concrete.

(4) Melamine superplasticizer has less shrinkage and better bleeding control. It is widely used as a brightener for making floor tiles.

(6) It can be used as the main component of waterproof material to improve the impermeability of concrete or mortar. It can also be used with UEA expansion agent as a component of concrete to prepare structural self-waterproof concrete.

Product Dosage of Melamine Superplasticizer

(1) Range of dosage: 0.4-1.2% of cement dosage.

(2) Recommended dosage: 0.5% of cement dosage. When the cement is replaced or the raw material changes, it is necessary to do experiments to determine the optimal content of the product.

Instructions of Melamine Superplasticizer

(1) Dry blending method: When blending directly in powder form, it should be mixed well with cement before adding. After adding water, extend the stirring time appropriately. Do not throw the admixture directly on the aggregate, so as not to affect the use effect.

(2) Water blending method: When blending in solution form, the admixture should be fully dissolved in the mixing water in advance and then added.

Storage and Transportation Conditions of Melamine Superplasticizer

Storage and transportation should be carried out in a cool and dry place. In the case of high temperature and humidity, it is necessary to prevent moisture and pressure to avoid clumping or agglomeration.

If the product is not used up, the packaging must be tightly sealed to prevent moisture intrusion.

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