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2023-07-10 15:30:02  News

foaming agent manufacturers provide foaming agents for a wide variety of applications and industries. These additives are used to reduce manufacturing costs, improve cycle times and deliver the desired product performance without compromising the quality of finished parts. foaming agent manufacturers can offer a range of foaming agent solutions for injection molding, extrusion and wood plastics composite applications.

Chemical foaming agents are used in rotational molding to help produce fine cellular structures, excellent foam expansion and smooth skins in a single stage application. Bergen offers a range of endothermic and exothermic foaming agents designed specifically for rotational molding. Foam molded parts can have significantly reduced weight, improved insulating properties and a more environmentally friendly appearance.

Injection molding processes can use a chemical foaming agent to assist with the fill of short shots, aid in back pressure building and reduce shot sizes. These benefits can lead to significant reductions in overall part weight without compromising the performance of the finished part. This can help simplify logistics in your facility, save on transportation costs and meet sustainability goals.

Foaming agents are also used to eliminate sink marks and to increase the production speed of injection molded components. By using a CFA, molders can decrease pack and hold pressures and cycles and lower clamp tonnage to improve cycle times. In addition, the gases evolved by some of the Bergen CFA grades can be used in place of physical blowing agent gas thereby decreasing the usage of VOC's in your plant.

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