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Tips For Troubleshooting and Maintaining a Foam Generator For Concrete

2023-07-08 23:50:03  News

foam generator for concrete is a powerful machine that can be used to create a variety of projects, including slabs and walls. However, these machines require regular maintenance to ensure they are working properly. This article will provide tips for troubleshooting and maintaining a foam concrete generator so it can work at its best.

A Foam Concrete Generator is a machine that uses water and air to create a foamy mixture that can then be combined with cement and aggregate to create concrete. This mixture can then be poured into molds or used to fill voids. This type of concrete is lighter than traditional concrete and is less likely to crack or settle. It is also easier to work with and less expensive than traditional concrete.

Until recently, the use of foam generators to produce low-density lightweight concretes (less than 300 kg/m3 dry density) and polystyrene concretes was regarded as unsuitable for load bearing structural applications. This was due to unstable bubbles and the high shrinkage rates that resulted from them, which reduced the strength of the concrete.

The revolutionary Domegaia Little Dragon and DragonXL foam generators solve this problem by combining the power of a continuous duty Aquatec pump, pressure regulator and solenoid valves with an innovative nozzle design to allow for the production of Aircrete at the same low price that was previously only possible using commercial equipment. This new generation of foam generators is so easy to use that anyone can make Aircrete! Simply mix a few cups of high suds dish detergent with the compressed air from your air-compressor and you are ready to start producing Aircrete!

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