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Foam Generator For Lightweight Concrete

2023-07-08 21:55:02  News

The development of synthetic-enzyme based foaming agents and foam stability enhancing admixtures as well as specialised foam generating, mixing and pumping equipment has made it possible to manufacture foam concrete at a density of as low as 75 kg/m3 (which is only 7.5% of water). This makes it suitable for applications where conventional cement based construction materials cannot be used due to cost and logistical constraints. It is used worldwide in road construction, disaster rehabilitation buildings, schools and housing developments amongst others.

Cellular Lightweight Concrete

Foam Concrete, also known as Aircrete or foamed concrete is a mixture of cement, sand and special foam. It is a flowable material that does not require vibrations during application and can therefore be worked much quicker than traditional concrete or precast panels. It is also fireproof, insect-proof, unharmed by moisture, and offers excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.

Due to the honeycomb-shaped closed air gaps within its structure, foamed concrete is very lightweight. This allows significant reductions to be made in the amount of iron and concrete required, which in turn reduces building construction costs as well as environmental impact.

The foam concrete is poured into the desired location in much the same way as normal concrete but requires a smaller volume of base mix and can be made up on site with the aid of a portable mixer and pump unit. The user selects the foaming agent percentage and the foam density with a touch screen display, and the system automatically adjusts the proportions to produce the correct foam concrete recipe for that specific project.

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