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Concrete Waterproofing Admixture
  • Concrete Waterproofing Admixture

Concrete Waterproofing Admixture

Packaging:200kg plastic drum
Appearance:Transparent liquid
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Concrete Waterproofing Admixture introduce:

Description of concrete waterproofing admixture

Concrete waterproofing admixture is a chemical admixture that is added to cement. When the cement hardens, it expands in volume, compensating for shrinkage and tensioning steel bars to produce prestress and fully filling the cement gap. Cement waterproofing agent can be directly mixed into cement, concrete, and mortar. The base surface of the product can form an excellent water-repellent layer. When water splashes on the surface, it will roll off as water droplets, which has the effect of lotus leaf rolling.

Characteristics of concrete waterproofing admixture

(1)Efficient water reduction and enhancement functions;

(2)Efficient impermeability function: Mixing with concrete waterproofing agent can effectively improve the pore structure of concrete and block the internal capillary passage of concrete. Compared with no waterproofing agent, the impermeability performance can be increased by 5-8 times, and it has permanent waterproofing;

(3)Improve the workability of the mortar: it can improve the workability of the freshly mixed mortar, with a low water flow rate, and significantly improve the workability of the mortar;

(4)Benefit analysis: It has the function of replacing lime paste, overcoming hollowing, shelling, reducing floor ash, saving labor and improving efficiency;

(5)Retarding effect: It can delay the heat release rate of cement hydration and effectively prevent concrete from cracking;

(6)Saving cement: Under the premise of maintaining the same strength and slump as the benchmark concrete, 10% of cement can be saved;

(7)Wide range of applications, used for foam concrete, mortar, paint and other substrates and cement with multiple marks.

Instructions of concrete waterproofing admixture

(1)The dosage range is 0.2-0.4%, and the specific dosage should be determined after a small amount of experiment.

(2) Mix and use on site, first mix with stones, sand, cement and other admixtures at one time, then add water and mix.

Precautions of concrete waterproofing admixture

(1)When cement is changed or new cement is added, concrete compatibility test should be done.

(2)When mixing with other additives, check its compatibility first.

(3)Proportioning according to the mix ratio, and strictly follow the construction specifications when pouring concrete.

(4)Like conventional concrete, the maintenance must be strengthened in accordance with construction specifications.

(5)For waterproofing concrete in corrosive medium, when the corrosion resistance coefficient is less than 0.8, anti-corrosion measures should be taken. The surface temperature of the water-repellent concrete structure should not exceed 100°C, otherwise protective measures must be taken to cut off the heat source.

Packaging and storage of concrete waterproofing admixture

(1)200kg plastic drum or customized according to customer requirements.

(2)Store at 5-30℃, avoid contact with strong acid and alkali.

(3)The shelf life is 24 months.


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