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The Lightweight Concrete Price

2023-03-17 04:40:04  News

The cost of lightweight concrete varies greatly depending on location and market. However, the material can be economically useful in some building applications.

The complete design of a building is essential to properly evaluate the economics of using lightweight concrete. This approach will enable a more comprehensive understanding of the savings that can be realized in construction, framing and foundation costs when compared with normal weight concrete.

In addition to being lower in density, light-weight concrete can also achieve a higher fire rating and better insulation properties than normal concrete. This makes it a suitable option for high-rise buildings.

Typical applications include lightweight concrete floors, lightweight concrete slabs and beams, and light-weight concrete block. The lightweight aggregates used in these materials can be shale, clay or slate that has been treated with a rotary kiln process to create pores in the material, which reduces its density.

A complete replacement of normal weight fine aggregate in the mix with lightweight aggregate will decrease the concrete density by approximately 10 lb/ft3 (160 kg/m3). The lighter aggregates may be pre-wetted or vacuum saturated to ensure a high degree of saturation and avoid a cellular structure that could result in settling of the mixture.

The use of light-weight concrete is an important part of the greenbuilding movement as it helps to make structures more resilient and resistant to natural disasters and other weather events. This means that future repairs are less expensive and can mitigate the impact of damage to the environment.

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