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Foam Concrete Cost

2023-03-16 06:20:04  News

foam concrete cost is a significant consideration when comparing its use with other types of construction materials. Unlike other materials that require high costs and complicated production methods, foam concrete can be produced quickly and efficiently with less expense.

The price of foam concrete depends on the type of concrete mix used, its water content and the amount of foaming agent needed to generate a stable air-void network. It also depends on the number of air bubbles, as well as its strength and durability properties.

In order to create a stable and effective foam, it must be mixed thoroughly with water in a specialized process. A typical mix design requires a 3%-5% dilution of a protein-based foaming agent before it is agitated through a foaming machine, producing a stable air-void matrix.

Depending on the concrete, it may be necessary to add an additional 5% or 10% of water. This is to ensure that the foam has enough water to expand and remain hydrated throughout its lifespan.

The water absorption of foam concrete is not as important for interior applications, but it is essential in exteriors where freezing-thawing affects its strength. The strength of foam concrete is influenced by the porosity, pore distribution and size of the material [20].

The main ingredient for foam concrete is the urethane-based polyurethane foam, which is injected into the concrete through strategically drilled holes 1" to 2" wide. The foam is injected into the concrete to raise it, leveling out any voids or gaps and helping to prevent sinking. It is a faster and more efficient solution than other concrete lifting methods.

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