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2023-07-08 16:00:02  News

We are one of the leading manufacturers of protein, super protein and a synthetic based foaming agent for cellular lightweight concrete(CLC). Our CLC foaming agents helps in making light weighted blocks or bricks its density is around 80 - 90 grams. Its fully soluble in water and can be mixed with any type of admixtures. It is also compatible with air aspirating and standard proportioning system. It is very safe for use and causes no harmful effects on human body.

Foaming agents are used to create foam in many industrial processes, and they are found around the home as well, such as when washing dishes or preparing laundry. They are also used in cleaning applications, the preparation of building materials and many other tasks. Foaming agents can be divided into two categories: surfactants and blowing agents. Surfactants reduce surface tension, allowing the liquid to be converted to foam more easily; they can also help foam to maintain its integrity by strengthening individual bubbles. Blowing agents provide the gas for the foam, either as gases at the temperature that the foam is formed (such as carbon dioxide or chlorofluorocarbons) or by chemically generated gas (e.g., baking powder or isocyanates).

Explore a wide range of Foaming Agent products with competitive price at Tradeindia. Our list of trusted manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, distributors, wholesalers and exporters makes it easy for you to find the best product. You can even compare their prices, reviews and ratings to find the best deal for your purchase.

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