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Foam Generator For CLC

2023-07-07 23:15:03  News

foam generator for clc is the key equipment in foam concrete production. This machine allows to save cement and additives. The machine consists of the aerator, pump and foaming agent dispenser. The amount of the foaming agent can be adjusted by simple settings on the machine. The system is designed for use with any foaming agent available on the market. The dosage of the product depends on mix design, process and aggregate type. Generally 1 liter of Foam Guard in 25-30 liter of water is enough for low density concrete.

Foam concrete production machines can be used to make a wide range of different lightweight concretes. The most common type of light weight concretes are foamed concrete, cellular lightweight concrete (CLC) and expanded polystyrene concrete. The best foam concrete machine is the one that has a high level of functionality, easy to operate and maintain.

The most popular foam concrete machines for clc are the EABASSOC foam concrete machines. These machines use a 'dry method' to produce foam, which is where the foaming agent and water are forced through a plastic mesh with compressed air. This results in very uniform and high quality foam. This foam is then mixed with the mortar slurry in a suitable concrete mixer to make EABASSOC Lightweight Foamed Concrete. This reduces the total cost of production and also increases the reliability of the baro-mixer, which will not be impacted if the foam generator fails.

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