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Foam Concrete Mixer

2023-07-01 03:50:02  News

Foam concrete is an advanced lightweight insulation material for walls and floors. It is easy to transport, handle and pour. It can be placed by pumping and does not require compaction or levelling. It provides excellent water resistance and frost proofing as well as sound and thermal insulation. Foamed concrete can be pumped over soft ground, is self-compacting and is ideal for trench backfill, ground stabilisation, foundations, paving, footings and roof structures.

Foamed concrete is produced using a special foam generator, which mixes a pre-foaming solution with compressed air to produce a uniform foam. This is then mixed with the mortar slurry to produce lightweight concrete. The mixer can be used to make wet or dry concrete. In wet concrete, foam is added before mixing, whereas in dry mixing the foam is mixed in at the end of the mixing process.

A foam concrete mixer can be built at a variety of scales, from small production units to large automatic CLC plant with PLC control system. A foam concrete mixer is easy to operate and has high working efficiency. It can be powered by an electric engine or diesel engine, and can also work in remote areas where there are no electricity supplies.

The foam concrete mixer has a weighing system that automatically loads the required amount of sand, cement and water into the mixing drum. It can also add other materials, such as fly ash, perlite and crushed rock. The weighing system is computer linked with the mixing and foaming systems, and the foam concrete mixer can be adjusted for different types of foam concrete mix formulas.

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