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Cellular Light Concrete

2023-06-30 15:50:02  News

Concrete is one of the most widely used construction materials. The basic constituents of concrete are aggregates, water and cement paste. Since aggregates are heavy, a lot of energy is required to transport them from the source to the construction site. For this reason there is an increasing trend towards the use of lightweight materials in concrete construction.

One of these is cellular light concrete (CLC). It is a material with a low density, which is produced by the controlled introduction of air or foam into the concrete mix. This is accomplished by using a foam generated by proteins or tensides, or with a gas-forming agent. The resulting mixtures can be cured in steam at varying temperatures and are characterized by excellent mechanical properties.

Aside from the obvious weight reduction, the main benefit of cellular concrete is its insulation & resistance to fire breakouts. Due to the special air pockets in the concrete structure, CLC walls are non-combustible & can endure fire breakouts for hours. It also acts as a perfect thermal insulator and has good sound absorption.

Another advantage of cellular concrete is that it is termite proof and resistant to freezing issues. Moreover, it is eco-friendly as it uses fly ash as a constituent which is a byproduct of industrial waste. In addition, a large quantity of cement is saved in the production process. This leads to significant cost savings in the construction of buildings. Also, it is easy to work with as it can be poured at any position in the building.

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