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Foam Concrete Construction

2023-03-21 09:00:04  News

foam concrete construction consists of a base mix of sand, cement and water with an added foaming agent. The foaming agent is either a polymer or synthetic-enzyme based agent. The resulting concrete has good physical properties and can be produced in light weight or heavy density, using both dry and wet methods of production.


EABASSOC Foamed Concrete is widely used for cast in-situ walls, including those used as partitions or stud walls. It provides a quick and cheap building method, with an excellent thermal insulation performance.

It is also used for void filling old sewers, mines, basements, storage tanks, subways and sink holes as well as voids under roadways caused by heavy rain. It can be pumped into position and has the advantage of being able to fill even small openings making it a more cost effective way of doing this type of work.

For void filling it is important to mix the material thoroughly as there are many opportunities for aggregate segregation, especially with higher proportions of air and water. A good mix will ensure that all the aggregate is thoroughly mixed and will result in a smooth, uniform end product.

Other Uses

Foam concrete can also be used for a wide range of decorative and artistic purposes. Sculptures, props and garden ornaments can all be created from foamed concrete. It can also be used as a lining for glass windows. It is particularly popular for interior walls in multi-storey buildings where the passage of sound is a concern.

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