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Lightweight Concrete Admixture

2023-01-22 20:50:03  News

A lightweight concrete admixture is an additive that is added to the normal concrete mix in order to improve its properties. The LC admixture can be made from natural or synthetic materials. It is commonly used to reduce the weight of the concrete and also to insulate steel structures.

Lightweight concrete admixture is a mixture of lighter aggregates and a porous matrix. The porous matrix helps to fill in the open pore structure of the aggregates.

As a lightweight aggregate, LWA has a very low bulk density. This makes it ideal for use in lightweight concrete. Depending on the composition of the lightweight concrete, it can vary in its strength, compressive strength, and thermal conductivity.

Several kinds of light aggregates can be used for making lightweight concrete. These include scoria, limestone, dolomite, and pumice. Normally, these aggregates are finely grained. However, industrially produced aggregates have been found to be better than their natural counterparts.

While a structural lightweight concrete has been designed with a density of between 800 and 1200 kg/m3, it can be produced with a density as low as 600 kg/m3. A typical lightweight concrete admixture can have a density of about 800 kg/m3 as well.

It is important to know that lightweight concrete is not standardized. Its design should be based on the needs of the project. Therefore, you should be familiar with the various properties of each type of lightweight concrete admixture.

Before placing any lightweight concrete admixture, you should check for compatibility with the binder and the LWA. If the LC admixture is not compatible with the LWA, you should add it as late as possible.

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