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Lightweight Concrete Admixture

2023-03-20 08:10:02  News

Lightweight concrete is a type of concrete that weighs less than conventional concrete due to the use of low density aggregate. Aggregates used in lightweight concretes include pumice, tuff, scoria, diatomite and cinders.

Light weight concrete admixture is a special additive used in lightweight concrete to improve certain properties. Some admixtures are designed to reduce the amount of water needed for mixing and others can improve the compressive strength of lightweight concrete.

In general, lightweight concrete admixture increases the density of concrete, decreases the specific gravity, improves tensile and compressive strengths, and reduces the shrinkage of concrete. It can also enhance the flexural properties of concrete and the resistance of steel reinforcements to corrosion.

The key to the success of a light concrete mix is the correct choice of lightweight aggregates. These should be low in void content, but high in porosity.

These lightweight aggregates can be sourced from many places including quarrying operations, manufacturing byproducts or sand and gravel mines. Some of the common aggregates are pumice, tuff, scoria, cinders, and processed shale.

There are two main types of lightweight concrete admixture, one is gas concrete and the other is foamed concrete. The first type is produced by introducing tiny air pockets into the batch mix through a chemical reaction, while the second uses an aerated concrete foam.

lightweight concrete admixture is typically added at the time of mixing and the mix is then poured or pumped into place. Because of the lower workability of these admixtures, it is important to use a pump that doesn't over vibrate or cause segregation.

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