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Concrete Foaming Agent Price

2023-05-04 12:50:03  News

The concrete foaming agent price depends on the product quality, the production cost, transportation cost, international situation, exchange rate and market supply and demand. Foaming agent price will vary randomly with these factors.

A special foam producing agent adapted to produce a stable foam useful in the production of cellular concrete, such as floor plaster or well suited for forming blocks, slabs, and ceiling installations. This agent is incorporated into the cement and water mixture to form a stable foam.

This agent also serves to bind the water content in an even distribution throughout the foam so that, in effect, tiny pockets of water are held available throughout the lattice work for use by the cement during setting.

It also improves the plasticity of the mortar and renders the foam more uniform.

THTFA-3 foaming agent is used as the main foaming agent in a mortar mix to make cellular lightweight concrete (CLC). CLC blocks made from this concrete foaming agent have excellent strength and thermal insulation properties.

The strength of the foamed concrete increases in an inverse relationship to the density of the concrete. Density decreases if the foaming agent is added to the concrete at higher concentrations, up to about 1% by weight of the cement.

The pore structure of foamed concrete is highly porous and the air-void volume was quite large for all obtained densities. However, larger pores were present in FC15 specimens compared to the other three types of samples.

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