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How to Make a Foam Generator For Concrete

2023-05-03 15:40:04  News

How to make a foam generator for concrete

The basic ingredients are: fine sand, cement, water and stabilizing foam. The foaming agent is usually detergent-based, and can be either a commercial foaming agent or an over-the-counter dish soap.

Mixing a foam mixture isn’t difficult, but it does take some careful attention. For example, you’ll want to ensure that you’re mixing the sand and concrete thoroughly before adding the foaming agent. You’ll also want to weigh the mix before you add the water.

Using a foaming agent can improve the strength of your mortar, but be aware that different types of foaming agents require different water to cement ratios to create the desired FC density.

You can also use a super plasticizer, but you’ll need to do some tests first to determine which one works best for your application. You may need to experiment with different amounts of plasticizer, too.

How to build a foam generator

In order to construct a homemade foam generator, you’ll need a wand made from pvc pipe. A pvc cap is typically glued on each end of the wand with a bit of pvc glue. Then, you’ll need to insert 5-6 fine grade stainless steel wool scrubbing pads into the pipe.

The scrubbing pads push the soap solution through the pipe to create foam as it’s forced by air from an air compressor. The wand can be used to clean a wide range of surfaces, including cars, motorcycles, driveways, roofs and siding.

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