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Concrete Accelerator Products

2023-04-06 15:55:02  News

concrete accelerator products are a group of chemical admixtures that are added to the concrete mix to speed up the hydration process and promote strength development. They are also used for reducing setting time and improving workability of concrete, regardless of the mixture design.

Accelerators are one of the most popular types of chemical admixtures for concrete, similar to water reducers and retarders. These are typically added to the concrete mix immediately before or during mixing, and work by increasing the rate of hydration of the cement-water mix.

Calcium chloride is the most common type of accelerating admixture, but many other types are available. These include sodium thiocyanate, triethanolamine, and some nonchloride accelerating admixtures.

Some concrete admixtures may have other properties that can affect setting and hardening of concrete, such as superplasticizers or air entraining admixtures. Some of these can be found in a powder, slurry or liquid form.

The most important advantage of using accelerators is that they speed up set time. This can save a lot of time and money for contractors who want to finish a job quickly.

They can even help decorative guys in summer, when the weather is warm enough to allow them to remove forms earlier and get onto the concrete surface for finishing. The accelerated set time can make it easier to get an indoor remodel job done in a day, says Gabriel Ojeda, president of Fritz-Pak Corp.

The best-known concrete accelerating admixture is calcium chloride, but other materials can be effective as well. These include soluble chlorides, carbonates, silicates, fluosilicates and some organic compounds.

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