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Foam Concrete Cost Per M3 Calculator

2023-04-06 11:23:41  News

The foam concrete cost per m3 is the price you pay for one cubic metre of concrete. This varies depending on the size of the area you want to concrete.

Using the calculator is quick and easy, enter the square metres of your project (length x width or height x length) and you can work out what it will cost. The cost will include all the materials used to produce the concrete - cement, sand and aggregate.

Foam Concrete Cost:

The price of foam concrete can vary, but is usually around half the cost of normal density concrete. This is because it has a higher cement content.

Cement is an important part of a standard concrete mix, it’s what holds the mixture together and makes it strong enough to support the structure. It also acts as an insulating material, reducing heat loss.

A typical foam concrete base mix has a minimum of 350kg/m3 of cement, this is much higher than the typical cement content in a conventional concrete mix. It’s not just the quantity of cement that is important, but the quality too.

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