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Cellular Lightweight Concrete Manufacturing Process

2023-07-06 11:35:03  News

The manufacturing process of cellular lightweight concrete involves mixing cementing material, coarse aggregate, fiber and a gas-forming agent to form a thick and viscous slurry that can be foamed and cured in place at room temperature. The production of this innovative type of concrete is extremely simple and economical making it a popular alternative to conventional forms of construction. The foaming process utilizes a Genfil based cellulose organic substance that generates stable air bubbles of varying sizes ranging from 0.1 to 1.5 mm in diameter. The mixture is then mixed with water and poured into molds to form a solid. Various ingredients can be added to the mix including fly ash, superplasticizer and shrinkage reducing agents.

The concrete mixtures are then placed into the mold and allowed to set under controlled conditions. During the curing of the slurry it is stirred regularly to ensure a uniform and consistent quality. If proper precautions are taken to protect the slurry from windy conditions at the placing site and to ensure that the concrete is not segregated prior to placing, plastic shrinkage cracks will not occur.

The slurry can be further improved by the addition of a superplasticizer to increase its workability at low water content and an air-entraining agent to enhance the pore size of the concrete and increase its strength. This is accomplished without affecting the cellular structure of the concrete. In addition, a shrinkage reducing agent is added to reduce drying shrinkage and eliminate cracking of the concrete. The shrinkage reducing agent is selected from the group consisting of alkyl ether oxyalkylene adducts, diethylene glycol, dipropylene glycol and tripropylene glycol.

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