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CLC Bricks Full Form and AAC Blocks

2022-12-21 08:20:03  News

The CLC (Cellular Light Weight Concrete) brick is an alternative for red clay bricks. It has many advantages over the traditional concrete bricks. It has a high thermal conductivity, a good sound insulation property, and is environment-friendly.

Cellular Light Weight Concrete, also known as foam concrete, is a type of construction material that is made by mixing water, cement, sand, and foamed foam in different proportions. The mix is then poured into brick moulds.

It is a cost-effective, lightweight, and fire-resistant building material. It is used for a wide range of applications, including exterior walls, partition walls, and concrete panels. It is manufactured from Portland cement and foamed foam. It can be formed into smooth or irregular blocks, depending on the requirements.

The manufacturing process is largely similar to that of conventional concrete. During the manufacturing, the slurry is mixed with water and other additives. Then, it is allowed to set for 18 to 24 hours. Once it has set, it is cured by steam. The block can be coated with stucco finishes or siding materials.

The strength of the AAC block depends on its density and the air pocket content. The thermal conductivity of AAC block is lower than that of red bricks.

AAC Blocks are in high demand for their strong and sustainable construction. The strength of AAC blocks varies from 2.4 to 3.6 N/m2. The manufacturing process is not the same as that of CLC.

Fly ash is used as a common raw material in both kinds of blocks. The blocks are insect-resistant and termite-proof. However, they are heavy and require a heavy structural foundation.

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