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CLC Blocks Specifications

2022-12-20 04:20:05  News

CLC blocks are a form of lightweight concrete. It has a high degree of thermal insulation and fire resistance. It also reduces the energy consumption in heating, cooling, and transportation. These are suitable for both interior and exterior walls. It is also a good choice for a partition wall.

It can help in reducing the construction time and cost. It also provides excellent acoustic insulation. Using CLC blocks can be a good option if you want to reduce the size of the concrete members. Besides, it is easy to handle.

It has low water absorption. This decreases the risk of cracks on walls. It is also termite proof. These bricks have low production costs. They can also be recycled.

It is manufactured with a foaming agent. This agent refers to ASTM-C 869/C 969M - 11. The material is mixed in a concrete mixer. The slurry is poured into assembled brick molds and set for 18 to 24 hours. This process helps the material to solidify. It is then drained into trollies.

A typical CLC block is 10 cm long, 20 cm wide, and 60 cm high. It has an average compressive strength of 0.52 MPa. It has a density range of 800-900 kg/m3. It can be used for a number of applications. The density of a CLC block depends on the type of cement and the amount of air pocket content.

Compared to other types of concrete, it has a porous structure. This helps in faster completion of plasterwork. It can also reduce the use of steel, plywood, and rebar.

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