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CLC Blocks Specifications

2023-07-04 20:40:03  News

CLC Blocks (Cellular Light weight concrete or foam concrete) are a new development in the field of brick making. This innovation is a replacement for traditional clay bricks and fly ash bricks. It has many advantages over traditional bricks such as a reduced construction cost, fire protection, insulation, and environmental green features.

Its high-tech manufacturing process makes it a very environmentally friendly product. Unlike other blocks, CLC does not require cement hydration and thus it does not cause environmental pollution such as carbon dioxide emissions, sulphur oxides, and airborne particulates. It is also an extremely lightweight material that helps in reducing the overall dead load of structures, which results in lower construction costs.

Moreover, clc block specifications are more durable than conventional bricks and have a 28-day cube crushing strength of up to 275 kg/cm2. They have good thermal and sound insulation characters and they are eco-friendly as well because they are made from waste materials such as fly ash.

The manufacturing process of clc blocks involves mixing the raw material such as Portland cement, class F fly ash, sand, water, and foam generated by TECHCELL HT foaming agent. The mixture is poured into moulds and after at least 8 hours, it is cut into various block sizes.

The cellular concrete blocks are then cured in a curing yard or by immersing them in a tank. When cured, the foam concrete clc blocks are ready for use and can be shipped to the customer. CLC block sizes are standardized and can be stacked on standard pallets for easy transportation.

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