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CLC Blocks Manufacturing Process

2023-07-04 18:25:03  News

clc blocks manufacturing process starts with blending cement, fly ash, water and foaming agent in concrete mixer. Then this slurry is poured into assembled moulds. After achieving the required density it is allowed to set for 3-4 weeks. The curing process can also be accelerated by using steam in some cases. This makes it faster to get the blocks ready for a construction site.

The foaming agent can be protein-based or synthetic, and the proportion of other raw materials determines the strength, thermal conductivity and other properties of the block. To get the right mixture, the COISOIMPER machine is used. It can completely customise the manufacturing process based on space, costs, quantity, size and density of the blocks.

Advantages of clc blocks

CLC block or foam concrete, is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional bricks. It is made by mixing slurry of cement, fly ash and water with the addition of pre-formed stable foam, resulting in a lightweight, energy efficient building material that can be used for a range of applications including wall, roof and floor structures.

Besides being environmentally friendly, these blocks are highly fire resistant and termite proof. They are also sound insulators as the air gaps between the solid material provide excellent noise reduction. They also help reduce energy costs by keeping interiors cool in summer and warm in winter, reducing air-conditioning expenses. The cost of constructing houses with these blocks is significantly less than with traditional clay bricks.

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