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What Is Concrete Foam Insulation?

2023-07-04 15:20:03  News

Concrete block walls are a popular choice in commercial and residential construction due to their strength, fire resistance and soundproofing qualities. However, these porous walls allow outside air to move easily through them. This is why choosing the right insulation is crucial to your home’s energy efficiency and comfort.

concrete foam insulation, also known as masonry foam, can be used to seal the cracks in your concrete slab and provide additional thermal insulation. This is a green product that doesn’t contain any toxic materials and can be cut to fit around existing pipes, wiring or other obstacles. This product also doesn’t require a form, making it more economical and quicker to install than traditional concrete products.

The process of creating this material begins with mixing solid polystyrene crystals and resin into an extruder, which is then heated to melt the material into a liquid state. This is then pumped through a nozzle, which creates small bubbles in the material. These bubbles are then bonded together using a polyurethane formula, which gives the concrete its rigidity and durability.

Foam boards are a great option for exterior wall sheathing, basement walls and special applications like attic hatches. They are available in a variety of R-Values, and offer excellent thermal resistance and reduced water condensation. They can be a great solution for reducing heat loss through structural elements, such as wood and steel studs.

Polyisocyanurate (or PIR) is a closed-cell rigid foam board insulation that is made of two liquid chemicals: isocyanurate and polyol, which are combined through a catalyst, rearranged, fused and then blown with a blowing agent to create the rigid cells. It is a good choice for under slab insulation as it offers great moisture and fire resistance.

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