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2023-07-06 07:00:03  News

clc blocks manufacturers are installing efficient clc blocks manufacturing plants to provide best quality concrete products for construction industry. CLC is a kind of light weight concrete made by mixing cement and fly ash slurry with pre-formed foam. It is also known as Light-Density Cellular Concrete (LDCC) and Foamed Concrete. It is eco friendly and has no harmful effluents to the ground, water or air. It has fire resistance, termite and moisture-absorbent properties and it is cost-efficient to build houses using it.

The manufacturing process of clc block is quite simple and quick. First, cement and sand are mixed in a mixer to form a concrete slurry. Then, TECHCELL HT foaming agent is added in the mixer along with a foam generator to produce aqueous foam. The aqueous foam is mixed with the concrete slurry and then poured into assembled moulds to make clc blocks.

These clc blocks have less weight than normal bricks and are easy to handle. They also require less materials like sand and cement for bonding. They also have a lower water absorption rate and thus can reduce the cracking of walls over time.

Besides, they are excellent in sound and thermal insulations. As a result, they keep homes cool in summer and warm in winter, saving energy costs on heating and cooling. In addition, they also have a much lower dead load which is very useful in earthquake-prone areas. They can be easily cut with a machine to fit into a structure.

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