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CLC Foaming Agent Price

2023-07-06 04:45:02  News

clc foaming agent price

Our cellular lightweight concrete (CLC) manufacturing machine is a plant that produces light weight bricks that are used as an alternative to red clay bricks. The plant requires a minimum land area of 0.5 Acre to 2 acres based upon the production capacity of the plant.

The plant includes all the machinery required for the complete production of a high strength and light weight CLC bricks. The equipment includes a foaming agent, a foaming mixer, a conveyor system and a CLC block making machine. The machinery is designed to make a maximum of 20 tonnes per day of clc blocks.

There are a number of types of foaming agents. Some are animal hydrolyzed and others are synthetic. The animal based ones are cheaper but have a shorter shelf life and can produce a smell in the FC. The synthetic ones are more expensive but claim to be better at making stable and pumpable foam.

In the case of clc foaming agent, it is important to find one that can withstand high temperatures and is not prone to chemical reactions with other ingredients or with additives that are added to the FC. Also, it needs to be able to be mixed and pumped at a high speed for long periods of time without collapsing.

PB-Lux Super is a foaming agent that can be used for CLC SLABS HP, WALLS, BLOCKS and PANELS. This foam concentrate is a water-soluble organic protein surfactant made from the recovery of protein byproducts through alkaline hydrolysis of animal byproducts and is made with non-toxic materials. It can be stored at very high temperatures and has a pour point below minus 50 deg C.

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