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CLC Foaming Agent Price

2023-01-17 03:50:03  News

CLC foaming agent is a chemical additive that is used for manufacturing foamed concrete. The foaming agent is a synthetic based material that can be added to the mortar mix of any type of cement. It provides excellent strength and thermal insulation.

It is used for creating light weighted concrete and also called as Aircrete. The foamed concrete is a lightweight concrete that looks like a sponge. Unlike conventional concrete, it does not collapse during construction. However, when it hardens, it loses its strength.

There are different types of foaming agents available in the market. Some of the foaming agents are azodicarbonamide, chlorofluorocarbons, pentane, titanium hydride and baking powder. These are mixed with water and air to form the foam.

In order to achieve the desired results, foaming agents should be selected based on their properties. This includes their foam uniformity, their size and stabilization time. Moreover, the quality of the supplier should be considered as well. A good supplier will offer quality products at competitive prices.

A large number of countries are engaged in trade in CLC Foaming Agent. Whether they are India or a foreign country, they seek a competitively priced supplier. Selecting a reliable supplier depends on the past trade experience and the value for money.

If you are interested in purchasing CLC Foaming Agent from India, Connect2India can help you find a suitable supplier. Our wide network is accessible to any overseas customer who wishes to buy small quantities of this product. We can also arrange trade finance and export assistance.

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