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2023-07-08 18:00:02  News

clc block also known as cellular lightweight concrete or foam concrete is a cement-bonded material created by mixing slurry with stable, pre-formed foam produced on site. It is a green building material that can be made with fly ash, lime, gypsum, water and an aeration agent. A steam curing process can be used to reduce the time required for the blocks to cure.

clc blocks are very light, hence they can easily be handled and transported to the construction site. This is very beneficial for the builders as they can save on transportation costs. They also require lesser materials like cement and sand during construction for bonding. They are also ideal for thermal insulation as they help in reducing electricity bills during summers.

In the manufacturing process, the raw materials (water, cement and sand) are mixed in a mixer, then TECHCELL HT foaming agent and a foam generator is added. The mixture is then pumped into moulds and left to set for at least 8 hours. The resulting blocks can then be cut into smaller sizes. This process can be carried out without the use of any special machinery such as furnaces or autoclaves.

The main advantage of clc blocks is that they are eco-friendly, as they use fly ash which is a waste product from the industries and helps in saving on solid waste for dumping and conserves top soil. They also have a low carbon footprint as compared to other bricks and blocks and emit very less CO2. These factors make clc blocks very popular among the builders.

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