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Benefits of Concrete Roof Insulation

2023-03-11 00:50:04  News

concrete roof insulation provides an insulating layer between the roof deck and your home’s interior. It helps keep the heat in your home during winter and the sun out during summer.

Lightweight insulating concrete, also known as LWIC, is a permanent roof insulation system that lasts the life of the building and can greatly reduce life-cycle costs. It is fire-rated tested and bonded to the structure, helping to prevent air infiltration.

Aside from being a cost-effective alternative to traditional roof insulation systems, LWIC also offers several other benefits. These include:

Durable, Structurally Strong – Per ACI 216.1; High Fire Resistance Ratings (per ACI 216.1)

INSUL-DECKTM: The Most Sturdy Roof for High Winds and Storms

Unlike conventional wood-truss roofs, an INSUL-DECK is built with reinforced concrete, which provides higher strength and better resistance to hurricane and tornado winds and flying debris. It also is more resistant to fire than wood-truss.

Lower Life-Cycle Costs – Per ACI 216.1; Less expensive to replace.

Compared to polyiso (polyisocyanurate) or polystyrene foam, LWIC is a cost-effective long-term solution for your roof insulation needs.

Reusable Siplast® Lightweight Insulating Concrete Systems – A proven solution for commercial and industrial projects, these reusable, fire-rated tested, lightweight insulated concrete systems utilize premium expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam insulation boards that are embedded in a layer of insulating concrete. Available in four mix designs for different substrate or project requirements, each design encapsulates the insulation board within insulating concrete and bonds the whole system to the substrate.

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