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Tongrun Foaming Agent

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Tongrun Foaming Agent

Tongrun Foaming Agent Product Introduction

Tongrun Foaming Agent is a highly concentrated, highly efficient liquid which is used in the production of Lightweight Foamed Concrete. Foamed concrete is also known as cellular lightweight concrete (CLC).

The physical foaming liquid is a compound physical foaming agent independently developed by our company. It is invented for the large-scale continuous production of the foam concrete industry. With a special foaming machine, industrial continuous production can be realized. With the use of foam on the stop, not only meet the production requirements, but also avoid the waste of the foam.

Tongrun Foaming Agent Advantages

1 Low cost / high concentration

Tongrun Foaming Agent has a LOW USAGE rate and it is this which must be considered when choosing a foaming agent, not just its basic price per litre.

2 Fine foam and good stability

over a wide range of temperature and water quality. This stability means that the foam bubbles sustain themselves and support the mortar around them. The bubbles do not burst easily and hence the foamed concrete does not collapse when it is made or after it has been placed.

3 The amount of bleeding is low.

4 Excellent strength and thermal insulation properties

means the foamed concrete produced from Tongrun Foaming Agent is ideal for a wide range of applications.

5 Foaming Agent is essentially harmless and easily washes off.

Tongrun Foaming Agent Physical and chemical indicators


Solid content




Foaming Multiples


Bleeding Quantity






Transparent brwon








Tongrun Foaming Agent Instructions

Water and Tongrun Foaming Agent are fed separately into the Foam Generator which mixes them in the correct ratio (see diagram

below). The mixture of water and foaming agent is called the pre-foaming solution. Pre-foaming solution and compressed air are fed through a lance

Tongrun Foaming Agent can be used with all types of cement and incorporated into cement only, or sand-cement mortar slurries to produce foamed concrete of every type and for every application. Its cost as a proportion of the total cost of foamed concrete is tiny, typically only about 1-3%.

Tongrun Foaming Agent application field

1 Tongrun Foaming Agent  is used for making lightweight(clc) blocks and panels.

Lightweight foamed concrete panels       cellular lightweight concrete blocks

2 Tongrun Foaming Agent is used for void filling

Foamed Concrete is also very useful for void filling. As it is very fluid it will pour into even the most inaccessible places. It can be used for planned work, but also in emergencies to provide stability and support very quickly.

3 Tongrun Foaming Agent is used for Roofing Insulation

4 Tongrun Foaming Agent is used for marking Road Sub-Base、Bridge Abutments Bridge Strengthening、  Wall Construction 、Tunnelling 、Floor Construction、Lightweight Precast Blocks、Ground Works、Fire Breaks、Sound Insulation.

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