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The Principle of Foaming Cement Foam Stabilizer

2020-12-18 17:14:07  News
Foam concrete foam stabilizer refers to the material that can improve the bubble stability and prolong the half-life of foam bursting can be called foam stabilizer. Foam stabilizer has high surface activity, can effectively reduce the liquid in the liquid film surface double electron layer arrangement and surround the air, forming bubbles, and then by a single bubble to form a foam. It is mainly used in foaming cement series, self-insulation block, lightweight partition board type hydrogen peroxide foaming products, which can improve the early strength of cement. It is an ideal special admixture.

Foam concrete foam stabilizer is Tongrun for the foam concrete industry, independent research and development of high-efficiency stabilizer. Foaming cement foam stabilizer for white powder, environmental protection, non-toxic, tasteless, no stimulation. Nano-composite technology, easy to use (no soaking), strong wetness, low dosage and low comprehensive cost, is an ideal admixture for producing high quality foamed concrete. The foam stabilizing mechanism of foaming cement foam stabilizing agent is to reduce the repulsive force of anionic group of liquid membrane anionic surfactant so as to enhance the foam stabilizing and enhancing property of the product. Foaming cement can reduce the liquid surface tension in the process of foaming, produce a large number of uniform and stable foam, used to produce foam concrete admixture. Foaming cement foam stabilizer is a kind of material that can make its aqueous solution introduce air under the mechanical force and produce a lot of foam. This kind of material is surfactant or surfactant. The essence of foam cement foam stabilizer is its surface activity, no surface active ingredients, can not foam, also can not become foam cement foam stabilizer, surface activity is the core of the foam.

Tongrun company's foam stabilizer can be applied to a wide range of, mainly light partition board foam stabilizer series, self-insulation block foam stabilizer series, non-steaming block foam stabilizer, gas block foam stabilizer.

Foam concrete foam stabilizer performance advantages

1 Foam concrete foam stabilizer is an inorganic insulation material with excellent temperature stability and chemical stability

2. Simple construction and low comprehensive cost

3 wide application range, prevent the generation of cold and hot Bridges.

4 Green environmental protection, harmless to human body

5 high strength

6 good fire safety, users rest assured

7 Good thermal performance

8 Good anti-mildew effect

9. Good economy

Therefore, it is necessary to choose a suitable foam stabilizer for your foaming system. Foaming cement foaming is the first step, steady foaming is the second step, link up.

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