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Detailed performance advantages of lightweight foamed concrete panels

2020-12-18 17:22:05  News
1. Breathing function

Has a useful breathing function. Not only does not harm human health but also benefits human health. As the use of organic thermal insulation materials for wall insulation, there will be no increase in the airtightness of the wall and the deterioration of the indoor environment, resulting in building illness syndrome (SBS). ), Affecting their physical and mental health and work efficiency.

2. Waterproof, moisture-proof, and mildew-proof

Panels need to be considered waterproof, moisture-proof, and mildew-proof. Keep the indoor dry and hygienic and improve living comfort. The cast-in-place lightweight composite fence has good hydrophobicity, high strength, moisture resistance, and is not easy to deform. After the wall is formed, no other treatment is required, and the next process can be directly performed. The practice has proved that foam concrete (foamed cement) cast-in-situ walls can be kept dry in wet environments without leaving any waterproof finish, leaving no traces and no condensation in damp weather—drops of water. The panel of the wallboard is a professional cement pressure board, which has an excellent waterproof and moistureproof performance. One advantage of this board is that the strength will not decrease after being exposed to water, but will increase by about 15%.

3. Increase use area
Take the traditional brick wall as an example, the thickness of the partition wall must reach 200mm-240mm to reach the national sound insulation standard, and the 150mm width of the cast-in-place lightweight composite wall can reach the national standard of 50dB for the partition wall; For household walls, the sound insulation is 45dB as standard. The thickness of the brick wall should be more than 200mm. The foam concrete (foamed cement) cast-in-situ wall only needs to be 150mm, and the width of the wall is reduced by 50mm. For example, the user's functional area can be increased by about 5 square meters, which increases the indoor space and improves economic efficiency.
4. Can hang heavy objects
Lightweight foamed concrete (foamed cement) cast-in-situ wall is a solid composite wall with strong nail-holding force, which can be used to directly nail or attach expansion bolts to hang heavy objects, such as air conditioners. The single-point hanging energy is above 45KG; The light wall body cannot hang heavy objects, and the surface of the panel of the wall panel is smooth and does not generate dust. Materials such as tiles, wallpaper, and wood veneer can be directly pasted for surface treatment.
5.Convenient construction and low cost

On-site pouring, the wall has integrity, which avoids cracks caused by double-sided plastering or hanging of barriers such as blocks and GRC partition walls, and local moire and hollowing. Meet the national acceptance standards for vertical walls, vertical walls and horizontal walls. After 28 days of natural curing, it can be directly decorated. The wall construction period is short, the material transportation is convenient, and the amount of equipment on site is reduced. The wall material is produced in the factory and installed on site. The per capita daily installation is 40-50 square meters, saving labour and shortening the construction period by three times. Pumping grouting reduces pollution and noise at the construction site and saves workforce. The daily pouring volume per person is 200㎡, which speeds up the construction speed. At the same time, wet work at the construction site has been dramatically reduced. And the overall cost of the project is low, and the coordination of various types of work on the website is very convenient. The hydropower pipelines need only be positioned before the sealing plate and fixed on the light steel keel. Save Not only a lot of manpower, but also save a lot of capital for the development unit.

6. Environmental protection
The construction process of foam concrete (foamed cement) cast-in-situ wall is safe. During the construction process, no harmful gas and waste will be emitted, and no fibre fly floc such as inorganic cotton will be generated, which will pollute the environment and cause damage to the respiratory tract and skin of construction workers. And the wall itself is a Class A non-combustible material, and will not cause fire due to cross-construction operations. And when the building needs to be dismantled at the end of its life, cellular foam concrete (foamed cement) will not pollute the environment. Unlike cotton insulation materials, when it is removed, it will cause significant harm to people's health due to flying debris pollution. It is reported that when the rock wool insulation layer in Japan is removed today, the construction workers should fully protect it and spray glue on the rock wool and then remove it. However, there are still a large number of floating objects, which has a significant impact on the environment. Some experts say that if polystyrene board insulation is white pollution to the environment, rock wool's corruption to the situation will be 100 times higher. When the building is demolished, the foamed concrete (foamed cement) can be recycled and recycled. The waste can be used as slag, without pollution discharge, and will not cause secondary pollution to the environment. Foamed concrete (foamed cement) cast-in-situ wall is safe during construction.

Use process safety. Foam concrete (foamed cement) is an inorganic material. Only water vapour is released at high temperatures. Unlike organic insulation materials at slightly higher temperatures, toxic gases are released even if they are not burned. A large number of poisonous gases such as carbon monoxide, Hydrogen cyanide, etc., is fatal with a single breath. After the 11.15 fire in Shanghai, experts analyzed that most of those killed in the shooting were not killed by the fire, but were poisoned by the poisonous gas produced by the combustion. Foamed concrete (foamed cement) will not become a combustion-supporting material, effectively preventing the spread of fire without any release of toxic gases.

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