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Several simple manufacturing methods of cement foaming agent

2021-11-09 15:41:12  News

Cement foaming agent is the core material in foamed concrete. Only a good cement foaming agent can make high-performance foamed concrete products. Five kinds of cement foaming agents are introduced. They are magnesium oxychloride cement foaming agent and pine foam. Soap type cement foaming agent, egg yolk concrete cement foaming agent, concrete compound foaming agent, cement foaming agent for engineering.

1. Rosin soap cement foaming agent: start mixing rosin and caustic soda, mixing and heating; then dissolve SM superplasticizer, citric acid and silicon powder in water, and put the above two mixtures into the water by heating and maintaining Mix in the heating container, add water and mix evenly, add the required amount of rubber powder to the above-mentioned secondary mixture and mix. Compared with the existing skills, the choice of composite foaming method has greatly improved the quality of the commercial foam. The inner wall of the foam formed by the foam can also form a very thin polymer crystalline film with waterproof function. Participate in the cement foaming agent The mortar also has better insulation function.

foaming agent

2. Concrete composite foaming agent: including the following processes

(1) Make appropriate waterproofing agent; (2) Make quantitative foaming agent; (3) Make some syntactic foaming agent; (4) Write the foamed foam into the foamed concrete mixture, mix it, and then cast it into shape. After the foamed concrete is added with the waterproof concrete composite foam agent prepared by the above method, it can overcome the shortcomings of its large water absorption rate, so that the waterproof thermal insulation and thermal insulation functions are significantly improved.

3. Egg yolk concrete cement foaming agent: Choose the following method to make: first mix cement, ceramic powder, water, etc. according to a certain mass ratio, mix evenly and prepare cement concrete slurry. Then mix the egg yolk, stabilizer, dispersant, preservative, and water in a certain mass ratio to form a uniform and fine closed-cell foam. Take a certain volume of the foam to the side of the cement concrete slurry, mix it evenly, and pour it into a mold for maintenance. The cement foaming agent has easily available materials and simple foaming technology, which overcomes the shortcomings of poor stability of traditional surfactants, lack of materials and high cost of animal and plant protein cement foaming agents.

4. Magnesium oxychloride cement foaming agent: first mix and mix appropriate bone glue and urea-formaldehyde resin with 10 times the amount of water, heat and smelt for about half an hour after the temperature reaches 75 degrees to form a glue solution, and then add dodecyl benzene sulfonate Sodium, triethanolamine, etc. are mixed, heated for about 5-10 minutes after the temperature reaches 75 degrees, and finally diluted with water to make a commercial product. Features: Good quality of goods, low cost, and the method is very simple.

5. Cement foaming agent for engineering: the common ones are linear alkyl sulfate, foam stabilizer alkyl alcohol amide and fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether sodium sulfate, auxiliary calcium chloride, etc. The manufacturing technology is as follows: the ingredients are mixed and mixed uniformly under normal temperature.

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