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How to use cement foaming agent

2021-11-15 14:16:14  News

What is cement foaming agent?

Cement foaming agent is called foam concrete foaming agent, which refers to a kind of admixture that can reduce the surface tension of liquid and produce a large amount of uniform and stable foam. It is used to produce foam concrete and can produce a very large amount of foam. substance. So how to use such a substance? What is the method of using cement foaming agent, and what are the precautions for using cement foaming agent.


How to use cement foaming agent?

1. Because cement foaming agent generally has a large concentration, directly adding it to the foaming machine will result in low foam output and waste foaming agent. Directly added to the foaming machine will generally have a high concentration and can not produce high-quality foam. At the same time, it is easy to block the liquid inlet pump of the cement foaming machine. The relationship between the dilution ratio of the cement foaming agent and the foaming effect is very large. Therefore, the dilution factor is too high or too low, so there must be a very suitable dilution factor. When determining the reasonable dilution ratio of the cement foaming agent, on the one hand, you should refer to the manufacturer's recommended dilution ratio. On the other hand, you need to test directly on your own foaming machine to determine the appropriate dilution ratio of the foaming agent.

2. After determining the multiple, it needs to be diluted with water to form a foaming liquid, and then the foaming liquid is used to produce a foam product. Pour the water and foaming agent into a water tank to fully dissolve it. After observing the presence of blisters, pour the prepared cement into the tank, then use a mixing tool for sufficient mixing, and then send it through a high-pressure conveying pipe or manually It is processed into finished products in the wallboard machinery.

Precautions for the use of cement foaming agent

1. Note that when the dilution factor with water is too low and the concentration of the foaming agent diluent is too high, the overall output of the foam will decrease, and the amount of foaming agent used will increase. When the dilution factor is less than 30 times, the foam output will decrease and collapse when added to the slurry, but when we dilute to 50 times, the overall foam output will increase. If there is no obvious collapse in the slurry, the foam output can be An increase of 30%. Therefore, when the cement foaming agent is diluted to 50 times, both the foam yield and quality are higher than when the cement foaming agent is diluted below 30 times.

2. When the dilution ratio is too high, more bubbles are formed and less liquid is formed, the foam conversion rate of the foaming agent diluent is low, the foam output decreases, and the stability of the foam decreases. Therefore, only when the dilution ratio is appropriate, high foam yield and high stability foam can be obtained.

3. Note that when purchasing the main material foaming agent, it does not mean that the dilution ratio is high, but the amount is small. It is necessary to distinguish what kind of foaming agent. For example, synthetic foaming agent usually needs to be diluted hundreds of times, but it is not Will be less than the amount of animal foaming agent diluted 40 times.

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